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Abogado Leon .es specializes in debt collection throughout all of the USA and UK

Debt Collection in USA

Our firm practices in the areas of commercial debt collection litigation and the enforcement of creditors’ rights in the United States of America.

We are experienced, aggressive, resourceful, and persistent. We have special expertise with individuals in New York City, and Companies in Delaware, and California.

Debt Collection in UK

Debt collection in UK is different than the United States. Both the success rates and the average collected amounts are different in England, Wales and Scotland. 

Under one roof, our attorneys can provide fast and successful results anywhere in United Kingdom and specially in England and Wales.

International Fraud

We are experts in solving International Frauds. Some perpetrators may be highly qualified specialists. Statistics show that internal fraud can be the most harmful, regardless of the business sector.

We  will aim, as international lawyers, to seek out, prosecute and send to trial those who commit or abet crimes wich damage your company’s financial interests.

Judicial Debt Collection

In the event of a claim between two parties based in EU Member States it is possible to commence European Order for Payment proceedings.

The lawyer handling your case can assess whether this kind of procedure is suitable for you and how to recover your money. This is very helpful for disputes with people and business in England and Wales.


We help you, as international lawyers, to develope high profit invetments all around the world.

From microbusiness to NASDAQ, we help you to invest in organisations that are expanding their income-generating activities.

You can take profit from a range of services and also organisations that have struggled to attract grant funding for new projects. 

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We will make sure that there are consequences for damaging and illegal acts of others

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